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Public Holidays

New Year is started with a typical local dance called "Yankunu".

During Easter week the life and work of Jesus Christ are relived by processions carried out by all inhabitants of Livingston. By this way reconfirm their faith in a much public way gaining the heart of all people attending the ceremonies.

May 15th, Name day of San Isidoro, Patron of the farmers
This day a particular tree is erected and men with masks dance through the streets. Local specialities like "Atol", a hot rice or corn drink, are offered. One can visit some exhibitions. Today's ceremony is called "Yurumen", recording the arrival of the Garifunas. After a holy service San Isidoro is carried through the streets.

September 15th, INDEPENDENCE DAY
Student parades remember the independence Guatemala received on September 15th 1821 from the Spanish Crown.

November 1st, DAY OF THE DEAD
Especially on the cemetery one remembers his forefathers and relatives. Flowers are offered and even music is played while some persons sit down to share their meal with the dead.
Fiambre, a cold salad with sometimes over 100 ingredients is prepared only today.

November 26th, GARIFUNA DAY
This holiday has only been declared in 1996. The most important feast for the Garifuna starts on November 15th with different activities over the following days like dances, handicrafts sales, drama, speeches in Garifuna language, artistic presentations and Workshops on Folklore. After a week of full program on November 26th, the main day, a procession like on May 15th is carried through the village.

During a holy service the virgin Guadelupe is worshiped. A local dance called "Pororo" is performed. The local Mayan Queqchi fill the streets and party all day long.

Decembrer 24th and 25th, CHRISTMAS
The traditional Christmas tree reminds all Guatemalan throughout the republic of the arrival of Jesus Christ, cribs are being built in almost every home and Christian music is played. The Garifuna Dance "Yankunu" gives it all a local touch.

December 28th, Patron's Day of Livingston
The ceremonies last from December 24th until 31st. There are sports competitions, religious, cultural and social activities. December 28th is official Labour Day.

December 31st, New Years Eve
… and the party goes on! Some people visit the church in order to thank the lord for a successful passed year or to pray for a fulfilling upcoming year.

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